Publications 2007

Elastic peak of K shell excited HCl molecule: comparison HCl-DCl, experiment and theory,

M. Simon, L. Journel, R. Guillemin, W.C. Stolte, I. Minkov, F. Gel'mukhanov, P. Salek, H. Ågren, S. Carniato, R. Taïeb, A.C. Hudson and D.W. Lindle
J. Electron spectrosc. and Relat. Phenom. 155 (2007) 91-94.

Photoemission in the NO molecular frame induced by soft-x-ray elliptically polarized light above the N(1s)-1 and O(1s)-1 ionization thresholds.

W.B. Li, R. Montuoro, J. C. Houver, L. Journel, A. Haouas, M. Simon, R.R. Lucchese and D. Dowek
Phys. Rev. A 75 (2007) 052718.

Photoemission in the molecular frame induced by soft X-ray elliptically polarized light.

W.B. Li, J.C. Houver, A. Haouas, F. Catoire, C. Elkharrat, R. Guillemin, L. Journel, R. Montuoro, R.R. Lucchese, M. Simon, D. Dowek
J. Electron spectrosc. and Relat. Phenom. 156 (2007) 30-37.

K-L resonant X-ray Raman scattering as a tool for potential energy surface mapping,

S. Carniato, R. Taïeb, R. Guillemin, L. Journel, M. Simon et F. Gel'mukhanov
Chemical Physics Letters 439 (2007) 402-406.

Site selective dissociation upon core ionization of ozone.

A. Mocellin, K. Wiesner, S. L. Sorensen, C. Miron, K. Le Guen, D. Céolin, M. Simon, P. Morin, A. B. Machado, O. Björneholm and A. Naves de Brito
Chemical Physics Letters 435 214-218 (2007)

H2S ultrafast dissociation probed by energy-selected resonant Auger electron–ion coincidence measurements.

K. Le Guen, C. Miron, D. Céolin, R. Guillemin, N. Leclercq, M. Simon, P. Morin, A. Mocellin, O. Björneholm, A. Naves de Brito, S. L. Sorensen
J. Chem. Phys. 127, 114315 (2007)

Fragmentation of methyl chloride studied by partial positive and negative ion yield spectroscopy

D. Céolin, M.N. Piancastelli, R. Guillemin, W.C. Stolte, S,-W. Yu, O. Hemmers and D.W. Lindle
J. Chem. Phys. 126, 084309 (2007).

Partial cation and anion-yield experiments in ammonia around the N 1s ionization threshold - Design and performance of an x-ray emission spectrometer,

A.C. Hudson, W.C. Stolte, D.W. Lindle, and R. Guillemin
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 78, 053101 (2007).
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