Publications 2006

Femtosecond nuclear motion of HCl probed by resonant x-ray Raman scattering in the Cl 1s region,

M. Simon, L. Journel, R. Guillemin, W.C. Stolte, I. Minkov, F. Gel'mukhanov, P. Salek, H. Ågren, S. Carniato, R. Taïeb, A.C. Hudson and D.W. Lindle
Phys. Rev. A, 73 (2006) 020706.

Charge transfer in high velocity Cn++ He collisions.

M Chabot, G Martinet, F Mezdari, S Diaz-Tendero, K Béroff-Wohrer, P Désesquelles, S Della-Negra, H Hamrita, A LePadellec, T Tuna, L Montagnon, M Barat, M Simon and I Ismaïl
J. Phys B, 39 (2006) 2593-2603

Low-Energy Nondipole Effects in Molecular Nitrogen Valence-Shell Photoionization,

O. Hemmers, R. Guillemin, D. Rolles, A. Wolska, D.W. Lindle, E.P. Kanter, B. Krässig, S.H. Southworth, R. Wehlitz, B. Zimmermann, V. McKoy, and P. Langhoff
Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 103006 (2006).

Experimental investigation of Nondipole effects in Photoemission at the Advanced Light Source,

R. Guillemin, O. Hemmers and D.W. Lindle
Rad. Phys. Chem. 75, 2258 (2006).

Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering applied to the electronic structure of strongly correlated systems: The YBCO case,

J.-M. Mariot, M. Sacchi, L. Journel, J.-J. Gallet, M. McElfresh and C.F. Hague
Nucl. Instrum. & Method. in Phys. Res. Sec B-Beam Inter. with Mat. and Atoms. 246, (2006) 176-179.

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