Resonant x-ray Raman spectroscopy takes advantage to explore the ultrafast dynamics and high-energy-resolution decay spectra with long-pulse light sources using the concept of an effective duration time [1-bis] of the scattering process to extract temporal dynamics a posteriori. [1-bis]F. Gel'mukhanov and H. Ågren, Phys. Rep., 312, 87, 1999.
Our activity in this field focus essentially to describe, with help of theoretical models and ab-initio calculations, the role of interference effects occuring in elastic (Thomson/resonant) and Kα processes through Resonant X-ray Raman spectroscopy (RIXS) experiments in chlorinated molecules (HCl, CF3Cl, ...).

Caption: KL emission lines of HCl for different excitation energies around the resonant excitation (2823.5 eV). Comparison between experiments and theory is given.

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