Publications 2009


Electronic structure of Ni and Mo silicides investigated by x-ray emission spectroscopy and density functional theory

I. Jarrige, N. Capron and P. Jonnard
Phys. Rev. B79, 035117 (2009)


Characterization of Al and Mg alloys from their emission bands

P. Jonnard, K. Le Guen, R. Gauvin and J.-F. Le Berre
Microscopy & Microanalysis 15, 36-45 (2009)


Analysis of Mo/Si multilayers: influence of the Mo thickness

H. Maury, J.-M. André, K. Le Guen, N. Mahne, A. Giglia, S. Nannarone, F. Bridou, F. Delmotte and P. Jonnard
Surf. Sci. 603, 407-411 (2009)


Spectroscopic study of interfaces in Al/Ni periodic multilayers

K. Le Guen, G. Gamblin, J.-M. André, P. Jonnard, M. Salou, J. Ben Youssef, S. Rioual, B. Rouvellou
Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. 45, 20502 (2009)


High-resolution x-ray analysis with multilayer gratings

P. Jonnard , K. Le Guen, J.-M. André
X-Ray Spectrom. 38, 117-120 (2009)


Recoil frame photoionization of small polyatomic molecules

D. Dowek, A. Haouas, R. Guillemin, C. Elkharrat, J.-C. Houver, W.B. Li, F. Catoire, L. Journel, M. Simon and R.R. Lucchese
European Phys. J. 169, 85 (2009)


Fragmentation of formic acid following photoexcitation around the C K edge

R. Guillemin, W.C. Stolte and D.W. Lindle
J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 42, 125101 (2009)


Nitrogen 1s NEXAFS and XPS spectroscopy of NH3 saturated Si(001)-2×1: Theoritical predictions and experimental observations at 300 K

C. Mathieu, Xuxu Bai, F. Bournel, J.-J. Gallet, S. Carniato, F. Rochet, F. Sirotti, M.G. Silly, C. Chauvet, D. Krizmancic, F. Hennies
Phys. Rev. B 79 205317 (2009)


Molecular staples on Si(001)-2×1: Dual-head primary amines

C. Mathieu, Xuxu Bai, J.-J. Gallet, F. Bournel, S. Carniato, F. Rochet, E. Magnano, F. Bondino, R. Funke, U. Köhler, S. Kubsky
J. Phys. Chem. C 113 11336 (2009)


Performances of a bent-crystal spectrometer adapted to resonant x-ray emission measurements on gas-phase samples

L. Journel, L. El Khoury, T. Marin, R. Guillemin, S. Carniato, A. Avila, R. Delaunay, C. F. Hague, and M. Simon
Review of scientific instruments 80, 093105 (2009)


The irradiation of ammonia ice studied by near edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Ph. Parent , F. Bournel , J. Lasne S. Lacombe, S. Gardonio, S. Lizzit, J.-P. Kappler, L. Joly, C. Laffon, and S. Carniato
J. Chem. Phys. 131 154308. (2009)


Advances in X-Ray and Inner Shell Processes.

M. Simon, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, P. Indelicato and S. Carniato
European Physical Journal Special Topics, 169, 1 (2009)


Experimental and theoretical investigation of molecular field effects by polarization-resolved resonant inelastic x-ray scattering.

S. Carniato, R. Guillemin, W. C. Stolte, L. Journel, R Taïeb, D. W. Lindle, and M. Simon
Phys. Rev. A 80 032513 (2009)


Stokes reciprocity equations and density of modes for absorbing stratified media

J.-M. André, P. Jonnard
J. Mod. Opt. 56, 1562-1571 (2009) / J. Mod. Opt. 56, 2384-2386 (2009)


Temperature effect on the nitrogen insertion in carbon nitride films deposited by ECR.

B. Bouchet-Fabre, V. Fernandez, A. Gohier, Ph. Parent, C. Laffon, A. Angleraud, P. Y. Tessier, T. M. Minea.
Diamond Relat. Mater. 18, 1091 (2009)


The VUV photodestruction of methanol in ice mixtures

L. Krim, J. Lasne, C. Laffon, Ph. Parent
J. Phys. Chem. A 113, 8979 (2009)


Quasiparticles at the Mott Transition in V2O3: Wave Vector Dependence and Surface Attenuation

F. Rodolakis, B. Mansart, E. Papalazarou, S. Gorovikov, P. Vilmercati, L. Petaccia, A. Goldoni, J.-P. Rueff, S. Lupi, P. Metcalf, and M. Marsi
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 066805, (2009)


An Introduction to Inelastic X-ray Scattering

J.-P. Rueff
Springer Proceedings in Physics, ch. 9, pp. 263- 277, Springer, (2009)


High Pressure Electronic Properties in the Light of Inelastic X-ray Scattering: From Magnetic Collapse to Quantum Criticality

J.-P. Rueff
Euro. Phys. J. Special Topics 169, 215, (2009)


Sodium ion and cobalt charge ordering in NaxCoO2 (x?5/6)

P. Foury-Leylekian, V. V. Poltavets, N. Jaouen, J.-P. Rueff, J. E. Lorenzo, P. Auban-Senzier, C. R. Pasquier, C. Mazzoli, and M. Greenblatt
Phys. Rev. B 79, 115101, (2009)


Electronic correlations in V2O3 studied with K-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy

F. Rodolakis, P. Hansmann, J.-P. Rueff, A. Toschi, M. W. Haverkort, G. Sangiovanni, K. Held, M. Sikora, A. Congeduti, J. P. Itié, F. Baudelet, P. Metcalf, and M. Marsi
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 190, 012092, (2009)


Gerade -ungerade symmetry breaking in the 1?g outer well of HD

T.P. Grozdanov and R. McCarroll
Physica Scripta 80, 048123 ( 2009)


Influence of internal rotation on exothermic reactions between neutral molecules at low temperatures

R. McCarroll
Journal of Physical Chemistry 113, 14845 (2009)


Momentum dispersive spin-excitations in Cu L3-edge resonant inelastic x-ray scattering from Sr14Cu24O41

J. Schlappa, T. Schmitt, F. Vernay, V. N. Strocov, V. Ilakovac, B. Thielemann, H. M. Ronnow, S. Vanishri, A. Piazzalunga, X. Wang, L. Braicovich, G. Giringhelli, C. Marin, J. Mesot, B. Delay, and L. Pathey
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 047401 (2009)


Energy Correlation of the Three Electrons Emitted during the Triple Photoionization of Ar

Y. Hikosaka, P. Lablanquie, F. Penent, T. Kaneyasu, E. Shigemasa, R. Feifel, J. H. D. Eland, and K. Ito
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 013002 (2009)


Multiple photoionization of atoms and small molecules by synchrotron radiation

F. Penent, P. Lablanquie, J. Palaudoux, G. Gamblin, L. Andric, K. Ito, Y, Hikosaka, T. Kaneyasu, J. H. D. Eland
European Physical journal-special topics 169, 73 (2009)


Multi-coincidence in cascade Auger decay processes

J. Palaudoux, P. Lablanquie, L. Andric, J.H.D. Eland, and F. Penent
Journal of Physics Conference Series, 141, 12012 (2009)


Probing the mechanism of simultaneous two-electron emission on core-hole decay

Y. Hikosaka, P. Lablanquie, F. Penent, P. Selles, T. Kaneyasu, E. Shigemasa, J.H.D. Eland, and K. Ito
Physical Review a, 80, 031404, (2009)


Application of a simple asynchronous mechanical light chopper to multielectron coincidence spectroscopy

K. Ito, F. Penent, Y. Hikosaka, E. Shigemasa, Ih Suzuki, J.H.D. Eland, P. Lablanquie
Rev. Sci. Instr. 80, 123101 (2009)


Measurements of contact angles of water on Al-based intermetallic surfaces

J.M. Dubois, V. Fournée, P.A. Thiel and E. Belin-Ferré
J. of Phys. Condensed Matter, (2009)


Book series on Complex Metallic Alloys-Vol. 3 Surface Properties and Engineering of Complex Iintermetallics

Ed. Esther Belin-Ferré
World Scientific. (2009)


Book series on Complex Metallic Alloys-Vol. 2 Properties and applications of Complex intermetallics

Ed. Esther Belin-Ferré
World Scientific. (2009)


Optimal Signal to Noise Ratios for Soft X-Ray Lensless Imaging

R. Rick, A. Scherz, W.F. Schlotter, D. Zhu, J. LÜNING, J. Stöhr
Optics Letters Vol. 34, 650 (2009)


Experimental estimate of electron escape depth in Fe

G. Akgül, F. Aksoy, Y. Ufuktepe, J. Luning
Solid State Communications 149, 384 (2009)


Relaxation-time determina-tion from continuous-microwave saturation of EPR spectra

A. Lund, E. Sagstuen, A. Sanderud and J. Maruani
Radiation Research 172 753-760 (2009)


An illustrated overview of the origins and development of the QSCP meetings

J. Maruani
Progr. Theor. Chem. & Phys. 19 3-32 (2009)


NiFe2O4 and Fe3O4 studied by XMCD and resonant photoemission

M.C. Richter, J.-M. Mariot, O. Heckmann, L. Kjeldgaard, B.S. Mun, C.S. Fadley, U. Lüders, J.-F. Bobo, P. De Padova, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, and K. Hricovini
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 169, 175-180 (2009)

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