Publications 1998


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Characterization method of the valence states : application to dielectrics and metal-dielectric interfaces

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Generalized sturmian expansions of Coulomb Greenís functions and two-photon Gordon formula

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Evidence of ordered phase of Ge-Si heterostructures by X-ray absorption spectroscopy at Ge L-3 edge

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Excitation in H(1s)-H(1s) collisions

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X-UV lamellar multilayer amplitude gratings

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Photoionization of NaI : inward-outward asymmetry in the wave packet detection

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Femtosecond dynamics of Nal ionization and dissociative ionization

E. Charron, A. Suzor-Weiner
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C. Sénémaud, A. Gheorghiu-de la Rocque, G. Dufour
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Adhesion improvement of plasma-deposited silica thin films on stainless steel substrate studied by x-ray photoemission spectroscopy and in situ infrared ellipsometry

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Local order studies of C-rich amorphous silicon-carbon thin films

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X-ray photoelectron spectra of adhesion-enhanced a-Si:H on stainless steel induced by plasma treatments

A. Gheorghiu-de la Rocque, N. Bertrand, P.A. Bonnefont, P. Bulkin, B. Drévillon, C. Sénémaud
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Cu-induced changes in properties of the arsenic chalcogenides

N. Bollé, P. Hertogen, G.J. Adriaenssens, C. Sénémaud, A. Gheorghiu-de La Rocque
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Theoretical exploratory study of the strong conformational and diastereotopic effects found in the vertical anion of a-halogen-substituted open-chain and three membered ring compounds bearing a heteroatom (N,O,P)

C. Dézarnaud-Dandine, H. Chevreau, A. Sevin
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Coupled use of the ELF technique and Catastrophe theory as a tool for investigating reaction mechanisms : a theoretical study of electron transfer in the Li+Cl2 system

X. Krokidis, B. Silvi, C. Dézarnaud-Dandine, A. Sevin
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Medium enhanced, electron stimulated desorption of CF3- from condensed CF3I

Y. Le Coat, R. Azria, M. Tronc, O. Ingolfsson, E. Illenberger
Chem. Phys. Lett. 296, 208-214 (1998)

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