Focus on multiferroics

Multiferroics are materials that display simultaneously ferroelectricity and magnetic order. Due to potential technological applications and discovery of compositions with strong coupling between charge and spin degrees of freedom, this class of materials has recently sparked considerable interest.1
In structures with spiral or helical magnetic ordering (multiferroics of type II), the charge disproportionation is supposed to arise solely from multiferroic coupling2,3, independently from the electronic structure. By studying of the orbital excitations of compounds from the RMnO3 family, using resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS), we describe the crystal field acting on the 3d transition metal sites and explore the possible influence of ionic displacements on the ferroelectric state.

People/collaborations: Jiatai Feng (PhD student), Amélie Juhin (IMPMC, Paris 6), Haidong Zhou (University of Tennessee).

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