The International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP) was founded in 1991 by Janos Ladik, Professor at the University of Erlangen, Germany, together with other prominent scientists. Its aim is to promote all theoretical developments on problems at the frontier between physics and chemistry. This involves the investigation of atomic and molecular assemblies in dilute and condensed media, particularly when submitted to electric and magnetic fields, as well as in novel materials and biological systems.

        The Society involves a Board of Directors gathering fifty of the finest scientists in the fields of Theoretical Chemistry and Physics, and a Board of national representatives for about thirty countries. It also has local sections with their own Board. The present President (as of July 2000) is Prof. Erkki Brändas, from Uppsala University, Sweden, an Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. The president for France, where ICTCP-4 took place, was Prof. Roland Lefebvre, from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.

        Since its foundation, ISTCP has organized five international meetings:

    - The first congress of ISTCP (ICTCP-1) was organized by Professor Ramon Carbo Dorca at the Institute of Computational Chemistry in Girona, Spain, from June 28 to July 03, 1993.

    - The second congress of ISTCP (ICTCP-2) was organized by Professor Sean P. McGlynn of Louisiana State University at New Orleans, LA, USA, from April 09 to 13, 1996.

    - The third congress of ISTCP (ICTCP-3) was organized by Pr Miguel Castro at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City, from November 08 to 13, 1999.

    - The fourth congress of ISTCP (ICTCP-4) was organized by Dr Jean Maruani at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, from July 09 to 16, 2002.

    - The fifth congress of ISTCP (ICTCP-5) was organized by Pr Peter Politzer at the University of New Orleans, LA, USA, from July 20 to 26, 2005.

       Professor Janos Ladik, the founder of ISTCP, was a co-organizer of the first three meetings.

       These meetings gathered from 120 to 250 participants. Proceedings were published as special issues of the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (IJQC), Wiley, USA: 

        ICTCP-II (part I of III), ICTCP-II (part II of III), ICTCP-II (part III of III)

        ICTCP-III (part I of II), ICTCP-III (part II of II)

        The proceedings of ICTCP-4 (Marly-le-Roi, France, July 2002) were published in part again in IJQC (for research papers specifically oriented towards quantum chemistry) and in part in Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (PTCP), a bookseries published by Kluwer, Holland, now Springer, Germany (for advanced review or more general chemical physics papers).

        There has also been local meetings organized by national sections of ISTCP, particularly a symposium organized by the French section at Toulouse, France, in May 1997. This section has also financed the participation of young scientists at both international meetings of New Orleans and Mexico City.

        The sixth congress of ISTCP (ICTCP-6) will be organized by Pr Alexander Wang at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, in the Summer  2008. 

        Additional information on ISTCP is given on the web site: